AI-Generated PRD

February 27, 2024

Writing PRD documents has always been one of the most challenging tasks for product managers. It not only involves comprehensive research and understanding of the product but also requires logical organization of frameworks and detailed descriptions of functionalities. For many PMs, creating PRDs is both time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Docuopia offers a PRD generation feature specifically designed for product managers, an AI writing assistant based on GPT. With Docuopia, by providing high-level product requirements, you can generate complete, professional PRDs in seconds. You can continue to modify and supplement the PRD generated by AI, and of course, you can still use built-in AI tools at this point.

1.Input Basic Information

For instance, if we want to add a feature for generating competitive analysis documents using AI, and need to create a PRD for this feature, you can simply provide Docuopia with the following two pieces of information:

Main problem:

Adding the functionality of AI-generated competitive analysis documents.

  1. Understand basic information about this product based on user-entered website links and descriptions, such as primary industry, product positioning, etc.
  2. Identify competitors for this product based on the above information.
  3. Allow users to select multiple products for competitive analysis.
  4. Generate corresponding competitive analysis tables based on selections.

2.Confirm Basic Product Structure

Docuopia provides common PRD structures by default, which you can review and adjust. Of course, in the future, we will also support the recognition of your PRD structure based on your PRD document. It's important to note that detailed explanations for each section of the structure are crucial; the more detailed they are, the more closely AI-generated content will match your requirements.

3.Start Generating

Docuopia will generate a complete PRD based on the product structure you've selected. You can see the PRD document generated in the video below. We'll also ask AI to generate corresponding charts where appropriate, making it easier for you to fill in information and present it more intuitively.

4.Fine-tune Based on Generated Content

For existing PRDs or stories, Docuopia can review and optimize them by analyzing frameworks, pointing out deficiencies, and adding new features or scenarios based on experience. You can try our review tool and then optimize based on AI suggestions, or you can optimize according to your own needs first.

Docuopia's AI technology allows you to adjust generated charts through dialogue. If you're not satisfied with the initial charts generated, simply tell the AI your requirements, and it will make necessary adjustments until the charts fully meet your expectations.


Through Docuopia, PMs can save over 70% of PRD writing time and focus more on product design. It's the perfect "partner" for PRDs, transforming repetitive work into a creative process!

We understand that different documents and scenarios require various types of charts to convey information more effectively. Docuopia offers various chart types, including flowcharts, organizational charts, user journey maps, and Gantt charts, allowing you to choose the most suitable chart type based on specific document requirements.

Drawing complex charts such as user journey maps and planned Gantt charts in product requirements documents (PRDs) is often time-consuming and prone to errors. Docuopia's AI features can generate these charts directly from your descriptions, making your PRD writing more efficient while reducing the risk of errors and misunderstandings.

Docuopia is a platform dedicated to revolutionizing the document writing experience through AI technology, and now introduces an exciting new feature, AI-generated charts. This feature brings unparalleled convenience and efficiency to your document editing process.

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